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Manage a Recording

Manage Participants

Reassign the Host Role


Important:  You must always advise participants before you start recording.

As Host you can record Webex meetings so that they can be played back at a later date.  To start recording, simply click Webex: record icon and then click Record.  Use the Webex: record icon and Webex: record icon icons to pause and resume recording - this has the same affect as cropping a recording on the fly and will generate a single playback file.  When you've finished recording altogether, click Webex: record icon.

Participants are automatically notified when recording has started, stopped, or been paused.

Recordings capture audio, video and screen sharing for viewing via a web browser.  Downloads of recordings only contain audio and screen sharing, no video.

Webex: Starting and stopping a recording.

Want to learn more?  Check out the comprehensive list of User Guides and Videos on the Cisco Webex Help Central site.  This is generic content, but most of it applies to CSIRO's implementation of Webex.