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Once you have joined a Webex meeting you will see the Meeting Center window open up.  This is where all the action takes place as described below.

Webex: Participating in a meeting.

  1. Click Webex: connect with audio icon to connect with audio; if you're already connected click Webex: more icon and change your 'Audio Connection'.  Options include Computer Audio (recommended) which uses your computer speaker and microphone devices, Call In, or Call Me if you would like Webex to call your phone number (available anywhere in the world).
  2. Click Webex: mute icon to mute or unmute your microphone; click Webex: connect with video icon to start or stop your camera.
  3. Click Webex: share screen icon to share your screen (video only, audio will not be shared).
  4. (Available to Host only) Click Webex: invite & remind icon to open the recording dialogue box; from there you can start, stop, pause and resume the recording.
  5. Click Webex: camera icon to view a list of other participants in the meeting.
  6. Click Webex: camera icon to chat with other participants in the meeting.
  7. Click Webex: camera icon to access more options such as change audio settings, or copy the meeting invite link.
  8. Click Webex: more icon to change the video layout, or Webex: more icon to go fullscreen.

TIP:  When viewing a shared screen, right-click on the shared content and expand the View menu to see a range of zoom and fit options.

Want to learn more?  Check out the comprehensive list of User Guides and Videos on the Cisco Webex Help Central site.  This is generic content, but most of it applies to CSIRO's implementation of Webex.