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Note:  You will be prompted to install the Webex add-on if this is your first time using Webex.

To join a Webex meeting:

  1. Click the Desktop or Mobile Devices link in your invitation up to 5 minutes before the scheduled start.
  2. If you're a CSIRO staff member, click Sign In (top left of screen).  Otherwise enter your Name and Email Address and click Join Meeting.
  3. Select your audio and video connection types, then click Connect Audio and Video.

    Audio Connection (choose one of the following options)

    • Call Me
      This is CSIRO's recommended option for first time users.  Get the Webex system to call your phone by entering in your country code and phone number.

    • Call Using Computer
      This is the preferred option for users familiar with the Webex system.  Make sure you have a good quality USB headset and network connection, and remember to test your speaker and microphone devices before connecting by clicking 'More options'.

    • I Will Call In
      This is the connection option of last resort if the above two options do not work.  Remember to enter your Attendee ID as displayed on screen.

    • Call My Video System
      Use the call my video system option to call a video conferencing unit. If you're joining from a CSIRO video conferencing room, enter in the video conferencing room number (as displayed in the top left corner of the touch panel) followed by '@csiro.au', or expand the search menu to view nearby available systems.

    Video Connection

    • Select your camera from the drop down list and make sure you can see yourself in the preview.
    • Note that you can turn your camera off later by clicking the camera icon ( ) next to your name.

Webex: Joining a meeting.

That's it, you're now connected to the Webex session.  At this point you will be able to see and hear presenters/participants speak, and view any presentations that are shared.

Want to learn more?  Check out the comprehensive list of User Guides and Videos on the Cisco Webex Help Central site.  This is generic content, but most of it applies to CSIRO's implementation of Webex.