CSIRO continues to effectively collaborate with its staff and partners through a variety of different IMT-managed and non-managed services, such as video conferencing, collaboration platforms and social networking.

Microsoft Teams is the primary conferencing platform for any virtual meetings CSIRO staff are organising, however, we are aware that our partners and stakeholders often utilise other third-party platforms to engage with us.

Important security considerations when using unsupported conferencing platforms

The increased uptake of these third-party services has globally resulted in a greater number of specific attempts to exploit them, often in order to compromise a user’s system and obtain valuable information or to take advantage of a user’s naivety with regards to personal and corporate privacy.

In general, always be cautious of sharing or discussing any sensitive information when in a video conferencing call using unsupported conferencing platforms.

  • Keep invites private.
    The easiest way to ensure the link isn't seen by those who shouldn't have access is to email the link to participants directly, and never post the link on public websites or internet forums.
  • Require a password.
    Confirm that the meeting invite includes a meeting password.
  • Be mindful of what is being shared.
    Be mindful of what you are sharing in both foreground and background applications, including notification pop ups. Consider turning on 'Do Not Disturb' in any other communication applications you have open.
  • Suggest 'locking' the meeting a few minutes after it has commenced.
    This means that no new participants can join even if they have the meeting ID and password.
  • Ensure your personal privacy and security.
    Consider using a virtual background to avoid sharing unnecessary information about your personal space, such as books, posters, windows, or any other details that give off information about your preferences, habits, or the location of your home.
  • Turn off your microphone and camera when you aren’t speaking to avoid unwanted tracking of your responses or actions.
  • Care should be taken when clicking any links within video conferencing windows.
  • Say something if you see something such as unknown participants in the meeting.
Photo by Samule Sun on Unsplash