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New Video Experience

Watch this video to learn all there is to know about the new video experience that delivers a much more inclusive experience for desktops, mobile devices, and Video Conference rooms.

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Getting the most out of your desktop video experience

Watch this video to learn how to get the most out of the new desktop video layout options.

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For the last 2 years the CSIRO has enjoyed having Webex as it’s enterprise video conferencing and collaboration platform. In that time there have been some minor changes to the look and feel of the product. With the latest release of Webex however, there are some significant changes with the whole user experience being video-centric.

What this means is that when you next join a Webex Meeting you’ll notice video taking centre stage. You can toggle full-screen mode on or off and you can change the video layout to suit your individual preferences.

The same meeting functionality that you have come to know is still available, the only difference now is that all the meeting controls such as Mute, Share Screen, Chat, they can all be accessed from the main video window.

Audio and Video settings can be found here as well. If you need to change your camera click the Camera icon and then select the appropriate device or if you need to change your audio connection method click the 3 dots, then click Audio Connection.

When viewing a shared screen in the new Webex you still have the traditional controls of zoom in, zoom out or annotate, they’re now just located to the left of screen.

To take advantage of the new layout options change in to full-screen mode and then adjust the video layout like we did earlier. Note that the video window you see here can be moved around the screen or to a different monitor, it can be resized and if you really want to be tricky you can actually swap the video window with the content window.

So, the next time you join a Webex Meeting take a few minutes to explore and familiarise yourself with the new video-centric look and feel.

Want to learn more?  Check out the comprehensive list of User Guides and Videos on the Cisco Webex Help Central site.  This is generic content, but most of it applies to CSIRO's implementation of Webex.