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Watch this video to learn how to join a Webex meeting from your desktop.

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To join a Webex Meeting open your calendar invite and click the Desktop or Mobile Devices link.

If you are a CSIRO staff member click login otherwise enter your name, email address and click join. At this point the Meeting Centre window will load which is where all the action takes place.

Take a moment to select your preferred Audio and Video Connection methods. If you have a computer USB or wireless headset us the Call Using Computer option. Make sure you test that the right devices have been selected by clicking More options and then clicking Test to hear playback sounds and gently tapping your microphone to make sure the microphone bar lights up.

If you don’t have a computer headset it’s recommended that you use the Call Me option. This allows you to get Webex to call you on a phone anywhere in the world. To do so simply select the correct country code and then enter your full national number.

Setting up video is nice and easy, just make sure that you can see yourself in the Preview image. If you can’t, select a different camera device from the drop-down list and check again.

Once you’re happy with these settings click Connect Audio and Video. If you selected the Call Me option, your phone will now ring, just answer the call and press 1 to be connected.

And that’s it, you’ve just successfully joined a Webex Meeting.

Want to learn more?  Check out the comprehensive list of User Guides and Videos on the Cisco Webex Help Central site.  This is generic content, but most of it applies to CSIRO's implementation of Webex.